Copywriting for the Web, Marketing and Advertising

Writing for the web, marketing and advertising has its rules and requires experience. We’re ready to deliver texts in both Czech and English.

People don’t read but scan texts–their sight slides down and notices only certain points to recognize whether a text is worth reading at all. When writing texts for the web or advertising purposes, we format to catch reader attention.

Texts for advertising, marketing and the web must be:

  • concise- without meaningless words
  • logical – structured from the simple to the more complicated
  • readable – light and positive in tone even if sharing serious content
  • visually segmented – the reader gets information without reading the entire text
  • persuasive – using facts and stimulae the texts persuade user to perform the desired action – shop, contact you, read more information, etc.

The shorter the more difficult

With marketings texts, we’re starting off with longer basic text full of information and gradually edit and “thicken” the text to shortest possible. Paradoxically, the shorter and more punching the text, the more work it requires – and therefore more expensive. Especially advertising mottos or slogans are difficult, because in mere few words or short sentence they must convey the message of your entire project, sell a product or service.

English and Czech Advertising Texts

If the final texts are supposed to be produced in both Czech and English, our experience shows that its better to first create them in English and then translate to Czech. English is usually faster and sharper in the approach to client. Then the texts can be easily “softened” for the Czech reader.

Prices and Conditions

  • Copy writing is charged per hour at 500 CZK per hour.
  • As a starting point we can use current text, brochures, product instructions and care manuals, technical specification or (in case of a truly new subject), client’s notes or an interview.

Can we help your website? Feel free to contact us.

  • Free initial site/project overview.
  • Flexible copywriting services in Czech or English.
  • Independent approach “from the outside” on an as-needed basis.