English-Czech and Czech-English Translations

I learned English by translating and translation stayed with me from then on.

When I tell Czechs that English consists of more words than Czech language, most resist the idea or accuse me of low patriotism. Yet, the biggest Czech dictionary contains 250,000 words, while similar English dictionaries include 600,000 or more and some approach a million. Naturally, the amount of words used in common speach is similar everywhere, but in case of English, there’s a lot to learn.

A great “school” for me were English literary evenings and authors’ readings where one hears many accents, dialects and literary styles in a single event. I’ve been exposed to everything from folk tales through rap to experimental poetry.

Of course I have themes that are close to me: webdesign, marketing, advertising, food and cooking, flowers, animals, creativity, philosophy, health … but I can translate pretty much anything including legal documents. I have a good knowledge of American slang and realities and am familiar with British and Australian vernacular as well.

Conditions and Prices

Prices of Czech-English and English-Czech Translations

English-Czech and Czech-English translations can be quantified either according to so called norm pages (1800 characers per page including spaces, about 250 words) or per hour, especially with creative work. The price tends to end up surprisingly similar.

  • Translation from English to Czech – 300 CZK per norm page.
  • Translation from Czech to English without proofreading by a native speaker – 300 CZK per norm page
    (suitable in cases where you only need to know the content – study materials, internal documents, etc.)
  • Translations from Czech to English with editing by a native speaker – 380 CZK per norm page
    (a must for everything that “goes out” – documents for your clients, the web, promotion, etc.)
  • Special Czech-English or English-Czech translations – 500 CZK per hour
    (technical or expert texts, literary works, advertising slogans requiring creative approach, etc.)


  • Texts for translation can be sent in Word format, websites can be translated directly, if you provide me with access.
  • Delivery date can be established once I know the amount of work and level of dificulty.
  • It is very important to have one person on your staff, who’s familiar with the project or is the author of the text, whom I can contact, should there be any questions.

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  • Flexible translation services English-Czech and Czech-English, including native speaker proofreading.
  • Independent services on an as-needed basis.