Michaela Freeman CV

Michaela Freeman developed over 20 websites, most of which she also maintains. Many are multilingual and cover the skills required for design, texts, photos, translations and marketing strategies.

Additionally, she translates and provides graphic work outside the web.

Since 1997 she has worked at her own form of digital art, specifically the scanning and creative arrangement of natural materials.

But art and creative writing are somewhat on the back burner in recent years. Along with her career, she actively works on two charity projects, which she co-founded. Both help disabled and disadvantaged people. She teaches animal-assisted therapies and is also published on this subject.

Websites and Graphic Projects

1999 www.FeelBohemian.com, website
www.PragueWriter.com, website
2000 www.Labradorsky-Retrivr.cz, website (originally a different www address)
2001 www.Pomocnetlapky.cz, website, Powerpoint presentations, promotional materials
www.SkiLucifer.cz, website, graphic work
2003 www.Alchemyprague.com, website
www.Legends.cz, website
www.JJMurphys.cz, website
www.Mollymalones.cz, website
www.GardenEarth.net, website, now offline
www.Translationship.com, website, now offline
2004 www.ArenaHostel.com, website, now offline
www.WatsonEnglish.cz – website
2005 www.Opinion-Columns.com, website
www.CTAsociace.cz, website, now offline
www.JeremySaxon.com, website (original version)
2006 www.Pharma-eu.com, website
www.Pastelky.cz, website
www.The-Human-JukeBox.com, website
www.Counseling-in-Prague.com, website
Justice and Environment, graphic design and formatting of legal documents, outputs for 2006
2007 www.tasky.cz, website
www.canisterapie.cz, website
Schaefer Shop SSI, s.r.o. – graphis work, banner campaigns, consulting
Justice and Environment, graphic design and formatting of legal documents, outputs for 2007
2008 www.Kosmetika-studio.cz, website
www.RockyoReillys.cz, website

Czech-English and English-Czech Translations, Editing, Creative Writing and Consulting

1995-1996 Correspondence, contracts and other documents for Spectrum Realty
1996 Correspondence, menu for Planet Hollywood, menu and staff training manuals for T.G.I. Friday’s
1997 Selected study materials for university students about native Americans
1998 Contact,” a feature documentary – transcription and translation from film
Artist’s Way,” volunteer translation of a book together with Marie Brozova (unpublished)
2001 Pomocné tlapky (Helping Paws) o.p.s – translation of foreign materials, creating original fill-out forms
www.BohemiaFlowers.cz, copywriting and translation of customer care section, e-mail campaigns, etc. 2001-2004, now offline
2002 Fabrika s.r.o., advertising agency – translation of a major part of a book about advertising for employee use
copy writing and translations into English for internet portal www.RedBox.cz owned by Contactel, consulting, now offline
Kathy Diamond, Therapy Dogs – coordination of volunteer translators and editing – continual work
2006 www.Baron.cz – internet shop, search engine optimization consulting
2008 “Animal Therapies in the Light of Objective Knowledge,” co-authoring a book, published by Dona
Pomocné tlapky (Helping Paws) o.p.s. – translations of Powerpoint presentations from Czech and Slovak to English for presentation in Poland

Charity Projects

2001 – present Pomocné tlapky o.p.s. (Helping Paws n.g.o.), the first Czech organization training assistance dogs for the disabled, also providing dog-facilitated therapy – co-founder, in the first year also the main coordinator – organizational work, company image and branding, website, translations, establishing the client care system
2005 Canine Therapy Association – vice president – organizational work, website
2008 Anitera o.p.s., animal-facilitated therapy – co-founder – organizational work, training new therapists, consulting for high-school and university students, conferences, website, translations of foreign materials