Proofreading and Editing English Texts

The Difference Between Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading English Texts

Spellcheck doesn’t catch every typo and when writing a document, after a while, the author “stops seeing mistakes”. This is why you need proofreading.

We can proofread texts in English that have been written by native-speakers. This is relatively simple and quick. It’s typically used in the publishing industry, advertising or whenever you need to send out a truly important document.

Editing English Texts and Translations

Editing is a different process altogether. While in proofreading, our goal is to prevent mistakes, in editing, the aim is to make the text sound as good as possible.

This may include finding synonyms for often repeated words, changing the word order or structure of sentence. Our goal in not only to sustain the original meaning, but to find the best way to express it. Typically, we will need to communicate with the author or translator to fine-tune details.

Because of the structural differences in languages, vitually all non-native English text must be edited, rather than just proofread. The aim here is to make the text sound good for a native English speaker. This is neither simple or quick, but it’s a requirement of proper presentation that is not only understood, but well received.

It is not just about the quality of the translation, but about understanding what the author meant to say. If we do the translation toghether with the native English speaker editing, we communicate about the text during the translation and it simplifies the editing process later. This is why we can give you a better price (and better results) on texts that have been both translated and edited by us.

Price and Conditions

Editing and Proofreading Prices

Depending on the nature of the documents, proofreading and editing services are charged on per-norm-page basis (1800 characters per page including spaces, about 250 words) or on per hour basis:

  • 80 CZK per norm page:
    • Proofreading documents by native English speaker authors
    • Editing documents translated by us
  • 120 CZK per norm page:
    • Editing documents written by non-native English speakers
    • Editing translations delivered to us
  • 500 CZK per hour:
    • Editing scientific or legal texts
    • Editing/copywriting promotional texts for the web, advertising, marketing etc.


  • Delivery date can be established one we know the amount of work and level of difficulty.
  • Texts for editing/proofeading can be sent in Word format, websites can be translated directly, if you provide me with access.
  • It is very important to designate a contact – ideally the author, translator or someone familiar with the project with whom we can check, should there be questions. Close direct communication ensures the high quality of our work.

Can we help improving your texts? Feel free to contact us.

  • Free initial site/project overview.
  • Flexible proofreading and editing services in English on an as-needed basis.