Translation, Proofreading, Web Design and so much more

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Our Services

English-Czech and Czech-English translations
providing translations for both the web projects and other documents, including creative writing
Proofreading and editing English texts
there is a difference between proofreading and editing, but you need a native speaker for both
Web design
building websites for small and medium size companies, individuals and non-profits
Web consulting
on web structure, search engine optimization, usability and content development
Copywriting for advertising and the web
writing original texts in both Czech and English
Photo editing services
editing and retouching photos and images, restoring old photos, both for the web and print
Graphic design and animations
creating logos, banners, animations, illustrations and graphic design for print.

About Us

Michaela Freeman

offering services in the area of translation and copywriting since 1997.

Soon she added web design, combining several of her talents – the creative side with the information and sales requirements. Read Michaela’s CV

Jim Freeman

works exclusively on marketing, writing and proofreading English texts.

He looks over Michaela’s shoulder as she designs and provides initial (very frank) feedback.

Jim has been writing, editing and proofreading for two decades. Read Jim’s CV.