Logos, Flash Animations, Banners and Graphic Design

Since 1999, I look to Prague-based American artist and graphic designer Ken Nash for flash, banners and certain graphic skills. Our long-term relationship, built on trust and friendship, lets us work very efficiently together.

Logo Development

Logos are the first step to starting web designs. You need a logo for much wider use than just the web and it must we well concieved to work graphically for print on anything from business cards to billboards.

The primary step is creating the logo in curves (vectors) to be useful for business cares, flyers, stamps, printed banners or engraving on signage. Then it can be incorporated into your website design. If you require a specific color scheme for the logo, I will work with it when backgrounding the web site as well.

Flash Animations

I generally work with the more uncomplicated animations, which are in many cases sufficient. If site requirements are more sophisticated, we use the Flash format. To activate Flash in their browser, users need a plugin installed. The vast majority of users are unaware, but they already have this plugin, so there are generally no problems with displaying Flash animations.

It’s generally not good to use an entire Flash design, even though you see site after site that does just that. Flash pages do not register well with search engines and extensive flash use cripples optimization. It is excellent for certain elements – animated logos, smoothly blended images of products or services, various banners etc.


Banners can be static, in which case we don’t need outside consultants. But most often they’re animated, to draw the eye. My client and I come up with an idea (or possibly several), text and marketing aims.

Ken makes it all move.

Pre-print Preparation

When everyone works to their own talent and expertise, the client is best and most economically served. We’re particular about that.

Ken Nash has a wide experience with pre-print work. If, along with your web site, you need business cards, menus, flyers or other printed materials, we’ll bring Ken to the table.


When needed, we can use Ken’s talent in the field of illustration. He comes up with wonderful icons, instructive pictures, cartoons and general drawings in cases where photos are not appropriate.

Ken Nash:
” self portrait”

Ken Nash

Ken’s illustrations and cartoons have appeared in various magazines around the world. His animations are on many websites. Ken is the artist behind many online greeting cards and electronic Birthday cards at www.birthdayalarm.com

We’ve known each other since 1992 and cooperating with Ken is a joy. Not only for his undeniable talent and highly professional services, but also because of his sense of humor, flexibility and reliability. See his website at www.kennash.com

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