Web Design

Web design begins with content; texts, pictures, multimedia. Then we begin to discuss how the web site will look and turn to usability and structural issues; how the user gets from here to there.

Tailor-made Websites

My web site work focuses primarily on small and medium size companies, individuals, interest groups or non-profit organizations. All my websites are tailor-madeaccording to client requirements.

I’ve created several tools to clarify what we’re trying to achieve and keep the budget low. Most of the time and budget will be spent on communication and content creation. Like anything else, the clearer the concept, the less costly the implementation.

Websites Have Two Legs

The web stands upon two legs:

  • Text content – The search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) don’t see pictures and videos. If you don’t tell them in the text what your website is all about, nobody will find it. This is our common work as owner and designer and there are many ways we can give the search engines “something profitable to grind.”
  • Outer elements – it’s important, how many people link to your website, where articles about you or your product appear, which blogger recommends you. A successful website must be promoted by owner initiative over the long term. You are the one who knows your field and your target audience. I am there to advise and help you.

Marketing Strategies for Your Web Site

Think about the target audience your web site aims for and how the web site promotes your goals:

  • As secondary advertising following an action–you gave someone a flyer or business card, created an advertising campaign in traditional media or on the internet. In this case, we needn’t be restricted regarding design or content in regard to search engine optimization. A small website with contact, map, description of your project etc., may suffice
  • As a source of potential clients, in which case the website must bring its own visitors. This may require a larger website with intensive content, while respecting design and content restrictions of various search engines.

Prices and Conditions

  • Based on our initial communication, I propose an individual budget for each project.
  • The completion date depends on the demands of the project, but also on client flexibility, ability to supply materials (photos, basic texts) and provide feedback.
  • I will suggest suitable technical solutions regarding domain names, hosting and e-mail addresses. To insure clear ownership of these services, it is most straightforward when client orders and pays for them directly. Designers come and go–domains are forever.
  • After confirming proposed budgets, I issue a 50% advance invoice payable immediately. Final or incremental invoice balances are payable within 2 weeks of presentation.

Webdesign Pricing

  • The rate for web work of all types (texts, photo editing, design, communication with the client, etc.) is 500 CZK per hour.

Although I create an individual budget for each project, the following are approximate estimates:

Basic minimal web site
for 5 – 10.000 CZK includes:

  • original webdesign with your logo and colors
  • approximate 5-10 pages, typically for example homepage, contact, map, project description, history.
  • instructions on marketing your web site

Minimal web sites insure “your presence on the web.” Specifically searched for by your project’s name, your site is guaranteed to be found.

Standard web site for small companies or individuals
for 15 – 20.000,- CZK includes:

  • original web design with your logo and colors
  • approximate 10-30 pages, preparation of larger volume of text or photos
  • a couple of more complicated features such as mail/order forms
  • instructions on marketing your web site

Standard web sites attract visitors who don’t know you, based on search terms related to your project in the search engines.

Can we help building your website? Feel free to contact us.

  • Free initial site/project overview.
  • Flexible web design services in Czech or English on an as-needed basis.